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Generations of Building

As a third generation builder, Blue Ridge Carpentry brings you the unprecedented combination of institutional know-how, world class education, and good ol' blood, sweat, and tears.  Let Blue Ridge Carpentry create your future dream with an undeniable touch of the old-school.



Beau’s dedication and enthusiasm about construction is contagious. He turned my storage shed into a cabin, and it looks better each and every day!
— G. Pender, Founder of Bear on the Square Festival
He is a natural born carpenter.
— J. Dobrovich, Retired at Dobrovich General Contractor
He’s almost as good as I am!
— George "Barn" Thompson III, Project Manager at Cook General Contracting
I took my crew to one of his projects and told them, ‘This is how it’s done.’
— S. Smith, Owner at Compass Construction


About Me

I started apprenticing for my father, George Byron Thompson III, while I was growing up in the North Georgia mountains.  After graduating from the University of California, Davis, I was lucky enough to learn from many master tradesmen in Hawai'i and Georgia to begin my journey in the construction world.  10 years later, I am still just as passionate about construction as my first day on the job site. 

Thank You

I would like to thank the following individuals for believing in me throughout the process of becoming a builder: 

Keaka Kaahui

Roger Heath

Jim Surowiec

John Dobrovich

Jim Combs

Scott Nelson

GBT III, a.k.a "Pops"